Top 5 Best Sex Podcasts

Sex Advice

Podcast is getting more popular these days. Unlike broadcasting, they do not need to draw attention from the crowd. On top of that, you can even listen to it anytime, anywhere. These podcasts discuss anything under the sun – including erotic matters.

New to sex podcasts? If so, don’t miss listening to one of these;

The Heart


This podcast crafts documentaries through exceptional sound design and immersive performance which you feel you’re in the middle of a fantasy world.  Every episode of this show has been made creatively. Aside from that, the podcast will put you in someone else shoes.

As a matter of fact, Mariya, one of their award-winning masterpieces, features a woman from Pakistan. She loves to explore everything in her sexual thru genital mutilation.  On the other hand, ‘Love Harry’ will tell you what may possibly occur once you fell for your best friend. As per the show producer, this podcast is recorded in a soundproofed bedroom closet. Perhaps, it’s one reason why the entire show feels like you’re just at home.


My Dad Write A Porno


Hosted by James Cooer, Jamie Morton and Alice Levine, My Dad Write a Porno resembles chronicles of a trio who reads Belinda Blinked. If you weren’t aware, Belinda Blinked is an erotic novel series wrote by Morton’s father.

In the show, Morton reads the novel sassily while throwing him relevant questions or just cracking a joke between their sessions.


Sex Nerd Sandra


Believe it or not, Sex Nerd Sandra plays a crucial part on the Nerdist podcast network of Chris Hardwick. And yes, since its inception, she keeps on educating and putting a smile on the community of sex nerds. With her lovable personality, Sandra Daugherty (the host) handles every topic excellently through her so-called anthropological way.

While she has a jolly persona, the woman is really interested in the breadth and depth of human sexuality. As of now, it has more than 14 million downloads, making her one of the most sought-after podcast celebrities.


Sex Lives


With today’s landscape of sex and sexuality, Sex Lives successfully captured not only its sheer chaos but as well as the hidden happiness in it. Maureen O’Conner, who was previously popular as gossip blogger exclusive for Gawker along with David Wallace Wells gave an amazing life to this interview and discussion show.

Every week, they accommodate one guest who is not typically good in human sexuality. This show wanted to give a frank yet funny talk on everything under the sun — from dating app to sperm donation.


Guys We Fucked


This podcast shows all started when Krystyna Hutrchinson and Corinne Fisher decided to interview their hook-ups. Every conversation was hilarious and candid. The two hosts were prominent as well on Sorry Last Night, a comedy duo show.

There you go—the best five sex podcasts that will make your bed moment a lot sexier and hotter. They are all educating and entertaining. After a tiring day, this is what you need – a good laugh and real happiness, so go ahead and add them now to your podcast list.