How To Please An Older Woman in Bed


Age doesn’t matter – an old adage but is still applicable especially when it comes to pleasing an older woman.

If you have spotted a cougar in an online dating site, make sure that you will make sudden move because surely, she will immediately pounce you. There are guys who are really interested in dating older women most especially if it is a hot lady. Most of the hot older women have their own cool houses, plenty of money and expensive cars. Though cougars are seeking for men, they are still picky. They will not pounce not unless you are aware of how they should be treated like.

Here’s how you can prove to your partner that you can bring her to the O-land even you’re younger than her;

The power of figure-eight trick


Are you thinking of giving your woman an oral sex?  Satisfy her and bring out her wildest side through using your tongue’s tip around her clitoris and form the figure eight. Doing so will surely give her best orgasm in her lifetime.

Do not be afraid to lick her. Make sure you’ll apply different motion and pressure on her core, driving her crazier than ever.


Tell her effect on you.

Don’t make her feel that you’re doing your foreplay to do her some favor. Don’t hold back – give what she deserves. Don’t even hesitate to tell her how your body responds when she moans from your touch.


Take it slowly.


One of the most common mistake men do when playing the dirty deeds is that they rush everything.

Calm your raging hormones, man. Take your connection to your woman through touching her at the right places, at the right time. Your slow movement will build up their interest and anticipation.

Move your lips gently into her skin starting from her toe down to her luscious thighs. Kiss her down there until she screams your name for more.


Prepare the best foreplay you know


As you enter this flirty world, you must already know that boring emails and texts are a big joke. Seductive emails and messages is a must. And one more thing, you must know how to make her stay with you in the bedroom. Introduce new sex toys and positions and use them creatively.


Don’t treat them like they are your younger ex


They are not your ex-girlfriend who is going to cry when you told them that they are fat or even wake you up right in the middle of the scary night. Older women are independent. Yep, in fact, they don’t need you to pay their bills, so you don’t have to be too much worried about your savings or credit account.

Needless to say, dating an older woman is going to be tricky, but one thing is for sure—you don’t want to be too at ease to the extent of getting lazy because you might get left behind. Remember that elder women are strong, independent and opinionated, so if you really want to earn a date or relationship with an older woman, follow these tips in pleasing them sexually.