How To Distinguish An Online Dating Scammer


Nowadays, there are so many websites that offer online dating services for millions of singles. Due to the popularity it gains, it is no brainer why many have started using the service including the latest dating apps for mobile users to meet new people and find a potential partner. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of it to trick users and spread out their fraudulent schemes.

If you are new to online dating, it is important that you protect yourself at all times by knowing these warnings so you know you are not dealing with an online dating scammer;

Email Inconsistencies

When you’re meeting people over online dating websites, it is normal that you exchange messages with them on the website itself. This is a way you can both get to know one another better and determine whether or not you would like to meet in the future. However, if you tend to speak with someone who’s inconsistent about his personality or even the style of writing he sends, you may need to check out his profile more. This is because he may be a scammer who’s only pretending to be someone else.


Fake Photos

While you would like to believe that you are actually speaking to Tom Cruise, you have to be on guard and cautious all the time. If the photo of the person looks too good to be true, it probably means that it is. Even though there are really good looking members who sign up, you have to be aware that there are fake ones out there. Make sure you don’t fall victim to this by simply avoiding anyone with a photo that looks unrealistic. To verify their identity, ask for more photos from a user.


Invite to Leave the Website

The main reason why you’re exchanging messages on online dating website is because you want to protect your identity and yourself. You get to continue having protection against your privacy if ever the other person turns out to be a scammer. If you happen to exchange messages with someone who invites you to leave the website because of membership issues, you may have to think twice. This is a clear ploy to get to reach you at a more personal level. If you send him your email or phone number, you may get thousands of scam messages from individuals you’ve never even met.


Strange Message


When you’re trying to get to know someone, it is normal that you would exchange messages so you can learn more about the person. But if he tends to ask you strange questions that lead to private information, it may be a sign that you should be more suspicious about him. Additionally, if that person doesn’t look like he can string together a coherent sentence, you may be on the first stages of being scammed.


Google Check Failed


Since you are exchanging messages with a stranger, it is always good to look up some information about him. If no information showed up on Google, you may be in for some trouble. The least that you can find about that individual is a Facebook page. If this still doesn’t exist, you may be dealing with a fake account. The moment you bring this up with him and an account shows up the next day, that’s a clear sign you are talking to a scammer.

Online dating can be a great way to meet new people. But remember that you shouldn’t let your guard down just because an ideal someone starts sending you sweet messages. Always be cautious and alert because online dating scammers are just around the corner waiting for their next victim.